Paper Cut Outs - Part Two

The wonderful ladies at OIA, namely Nodi & Sharon kindly asked if we could take a few detailed snaps of the artworks we created for this years Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Of course we happily obliged and here they are…

There is 3 parts to the festival, one for the 23rd of March to the 1st of April, a second one for July/August and a third in October. We created 3 different artworks for each part of the festival and will be keeping them secret until their launch. What you see is here is an amalgamation of the 3 that we showcased at Design Indaba.

Below is the first completed poster for the series of festivals; you might have seen them already up and around Kaapstad or in the Sunday Times perhaps. The artworks are all handmade with the smallest amount of post-editing to clone out some of the square sticky-me-bobs we used to raise the elements with.

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