K&i Design Studio featured on Between10and5

Nice blog post about us on Between 10and5, showcasing some of our work, featuring Wawa, Greenpop, Innovation Summit, and our 'From the Heart' cookbook.

After working in the UK and later relocating to SA, it says Karl 'brought Ida from Sweden with him'. We would just like to clarify that Ida did migrate on her own free will :)

Noon-Gun features 'K&i poster goodness'

The radical T-shirt company Noon-Gun has given us some loving and featured some of our recent work on their blog. If you missed it, check out the blog post we wrote on them back in September, over on Lost At E Minor.

Grolsch Beginners Guide to Twitter

We had the pleasure of working with Soul Providers, a creative communications boutique, on designing this Twitter guide for Grolsch's ♯SWINGTOPCIRCLE event.

Heh, heh, heah... gotta love Zuma!

The Slovakian - Olde World Sausage

Friday nights at the local Muizenberg market are always entertaining and this one just past was no different. We met with some friends for a chinwag over a couple of beers and later on were introduced to a rather weird and wonderful character going by the name of Moja.

Moja is a Slovakian butcher producing some of the finest free-range cured pork sausage around. We tasted a young, 4-week fermented Chorizo at the market and Moja said that we should "meat" Sunday morning for a tasting of the finished 4-month old products down at the Empire Cafe in Kalk Bay. The unfinished product tasted amazing - the table’s feedback was unanimous. So come Sunday I pulled out the single-speed and eagerly cycled to Kalk Bay where I met the Slovakian, dressed in his butcher’s attire and with his 'crocodile dundee' knife to complete the look. He had 3 different flavours available, Saucisson Sec (Salt + Black Pepper), Merlot Sage ('06 Merlot wine + Sage mix as you might have guessed) and Chorizo (Smoked Paprika and Garlic). All 3 sausage options are cured from free-range pork, "I only source my pigs from local farmers who treat the animals with care and respect" says Moja proudly.

The Empire Cafe was heaving so I left the man to continue with what he was doing. He said I should join him later on to show me around his butchers kitchen and give me a little more incite into the process behind the 'making of'. I gladly opted in and took my camera along for some shots. When I arrived I was met at the gate by an Alsatian with a fascination for stones, she kept on picking up stones around the garden, dropping them off at my feet and barking at them until I moved them for her to fetch and bring back to me again. Moja reckons she's one his favourite clients - I forgot the dogs name but she should have been called lucky.

Moja poured us each a glass of red, sliced some more meat, showed me around his super clean butchery and regaled me more with stories about how, why and when he decided to start his venture in the meat business - more of these stories to come, but for now some pics to get your taste buds excited.

To find out more give 'The Slovakian' a shout,
Email: charcuteriemoncek@hotmail.com

PS - This is a very different post for us, normally it's all about K&i, our everyday business and design/illustration. We are thinking about including selected individuals (like The Slovakian), with our focus on local people within the food industry and would like your feedback. Hit us back with your comments (post a comment or email us direct) and we'll take it from there. I don't know if we'll have the time for it but if your response is a good one, then we'll find the time. Enjoy the week ahead.

Paper Cut Outs - Part Two

The wonderful ladies at OIA, namely Nodi & Sharon kindly asked if we could take a few detailed snaps of the artworks we created for this years Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Of course we happily obliged and here they are…

There is 3 parts to the festival, one for the 23rd of March to the 1st of April, a second one for July/August and a third in October. We created 3 different artworks for each part of the festival and will be keeping them secret until their launch. What you see is here is an amalgamation of the 3 that we showcased at Design Indaba.

Below is the first completed poster for the series of festivals; you might have seen them already up and around Kaapstad or in the Sunday Times perhaps. The artworks are all handmade with the smallest amount of post-editing to clone out some of the square sticky-me-bobs we used to raise the elements with.

The 5th SA Innovation Summit - Handmade

We have the pleasure of working on the marketing campaign for the SA Innovation Summit for a second year running.

This years theme is around leading innovation and Africa's competitive edge with topics around; technology, energy, eco-friendly (the event will have a zero carbon footprint), connectivity and networking. To kick off and introduce the event we created the campaign title in a rather different way to set the branding apart from last years event and emphasize some of the key points.

We wanted the piece to have a strong African feel - handmade, creative and of course innovative. We substituted traditional wire, beads and scooby wire with nails, embroidery thread, wood and laser engraving to produce a more sophisticated take on handmade African survivalist curios as well as signage.

The piece received great attention and feedback at this years Design Indaba and our clients are stoked too. We're now in the process of generating adverts and newsletters… these, along with other exciting designs for the event will be shared as we get closer to the conference (28, 29 and 30 August 2012 / Jozi). Have a look at their website to see how the design has been implemented and to find out more.

Monday Morning Monster

Quick Homebaked Baguettes

Took just over an hour for these fresh mini baguettes to be ready for consumption. Nice with butter and cheese.

The Argus

We were in no shape to ride the Argus this year (last year we watched), but we are planing to do it next year... Crazy idea. But more tempting when thinking about having our own team-kit... Maybe.

We were there in spirit this year, check out the team-kit we designed for Casa Labia, well done guys!

Out In Africa stop motion animation video

Cinema advert for Out In Africa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2012. Design, photography and creative direction by us, editing by Zach Vincent. A lengthy but very rewarding experience. A few beers and a bag of ghost pops really do go a long way. Watch out for it at Nu Metro Cinemas.

Our Letterpress featured on Handsome things!

Check out this blog post on Handsome things. Thanks Hanneke!

Out In Africa website

We have been working with Out In Africa on their campaign for this years film festival, and the website is now live! We created the elements (all cut out of paper and photographed), the OIA team put the site together. Check previous post on the 'making of'.

We have also been working on the posters, program covers and various other elements for online. There is also a 40 sec video commercial that will be screened at Nu Metro (crickey!), edited by our good friend Zach. More to follow on this shortly.