How to come up with new ideas...

It's that time of the year... lots of coffee and sideways thinking... We are knee-deep in designing this year's Spark Book for the SA Innovation Summit, this year held in Cape Town!

A couple of months back we had a strat session, coming up with concepts for the book. So how do you come up with new ideas? These are our suggestions:

1. Leave your computer, find a sunny/warm room and move.
2. Get lots of paper, post-it notes, and pens
3. Make a cup of coffee
4. Make sure there is snacks like nuts and seeds
5. Write down some topics
6. Brainstorm freely, and individually, write down all ideas that comes to mind - no editing!
7. Discuss the ideas
8. Choose the best ones
9. Expand on the chosen ideas

In a couple of hours we had a whole table of ideas, some totally irrelevant, some really good ones, and some not so good... After some refining, the book is now planned and stocked with the most original, relevant and innovative pages to get your creativity to flow.

Get yours at the summit!