SA Innovation Summit website

The SA Innovation Summit is gearing up for this years event held in Johannesburg in August. We designed the branding and the summits handbook, The Black Book, last year and we're super excited to work with the team again this year. So far we've been working on overall branding, website elements, banners, adverts, newsletters and documents.

Wawa Wooden Surfboards / website and blog

We are so stoked to have been part of the development of this local brand from the start! Wawa is radical! (view previous blog posts here and here).

Be sure to check their new website and blog.

SA Innovation Summit LAB logo

Ahh... Those shiny little blocks.... Makes you want to eat them. Luckily we resisted... We needed all the blocks we could get as we got the go ahead to build the lab logo out of LEGO for this years Innovation Lab at the SA Innovation Summit (coming up in August).

The Innovation Lab is this year also running a competition where you can win an iPad, Samsung Galaxy or a Philips HD Camcorder. Enter your crazy ideas here.

Playing with LEGO

It's great when you get to play at our age! We both have such fond memories of LEGO, and one of our clients gave us the go ahead to build... So we went for it... into the early hours of the morning. Stay tuned for the result!

Die Burger en Beeld Interview

Design Indaba was fantastic, it gave us a chance to showcase our work and meet some very interesting folk. Celinda Groenewald was down from Jozi's and very intrigued by our cookbook. She is a writer and asked us if she could interview us about the book for the Beeld newspaper. Of course we jumped at it and were ecstatic when it came out this week, not only were we given a full page but it appeared in Die Burger as well, a local Cape Town newspaper.

Download a pdf version (550kb) of the article here and give us a shout if you would like a copy of the book. We are selling digital pdf copies for R160 - emailed 'straight to your door' and a paperback version will soon be available on Amazon.

Lekker weekend! 

Single page website for Artisan Distillers & Co.

Not too long ago we were asked to design the corporate id for Artisan Distillers & Co, a company specialising in promoting South African handcrafted artisan spirits.  In addition to their logo, we also created their single page website. Awesome products, awesome people - Local is Lekker!

Website for Polly Alakija

We were lucky enough to meet Polly last year, an artist creating oil paintings, illustrations for children's books and now also amazing doodles on her iPad. We previously designed her visual CV in the form of a book, and recently created her website and set up her blog where you can view her almost daily iPad sketches - very uplifting.