The 5th SA Innovation Summit - Handmade

We have the pleasure of working on the marketing campaign for the SA Innovation Summit for a second year running.

This years theme is around leading innovation and Africa's competitive edge with topics around; technology, energy, eco-friendly (the event will have a zero carbon footprint), connectivity and networking. To kick off and introduce the event we created the campaign title in a rather different way to set the branding apart from last years event and emphasize some of the key points.

We wanted the piece to have a strong African feel - handmade, creative and of course innovative. We substituted traditional wire, beads and scooby wire with nails, embroidery thread, wood and laser engraving to produce a more sophisticated take on handmade African survivalist curios as well as signage.

The piece received great attention and feedback at this years Design Indaba and our clients are stoked too. We're now in the process of generating adverts and newsletters… these, along with other exciting designs for the event will be shared as we get closer to the conference (28, 29 and 30 August 2012 / Jozi). Have a look at their website to see how the design has been implemented and to find out more.

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