The offices went open plan not so long ago and when they did, so did my wall. All I have left for memory is a pic taken with my mobile.

It won't feed an army that's for sure, but it is something special eating something that we've actually grown our self, such satisfaction even though we're still hungry! This was planted in such a small container and we did take them out a bit too early. Couldn't wait any longer! They did taste amazing, even the mini ones, and I mean mini - the smallest where about 1cm!

I made this one a long time ago, but I like it because of the fabric. It has sentimental values to me, this fabric used to be on our wooden sofa/bench in the kitchen when I was growing up.

Entry that I never submitted for Don't Panic - 'Dreams, the Science of Sleep' competition. The design I entered instead of this one went on exhibition in Soho London for the premier of the film.

I love old buttons. My mum gave me some new old once. Here I've made some cards for the buttons to sit on...

All that is missing is a boat, and the ocean. Thanks again everyone that voted for me at! My free fabric has arrived as you can see, very excited about my spring monsters!

We climbed to the summit of the mountain/hill in the distance while on honeymoon.

Next Jet - Swedish Airways, I was too scared to push the button for ASSASINTANCE.

Stockholm airport is something straight out of the film set for 'Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas', beware of the bats!

I promised pics of the stinky fish... Check out the swolen can, Ida's folks prefer to let the fish ferment for a year longer. Madness!

Baltic herring I guess.

It produces bubbles as it's opened and smells like death...

...and there it is, the most foul smelling sardine look-alike fish you could ever imagine. I stomached two of them and made the surrounding company very proud. They on the other hand could hardly contain themselves as they salivated into their plates of crisp bread and potato. An evening never to be forgotten, thanks guys.

Small folds and big stitches, keeping it flat but still full of movement.

I don't do heels...

This is where I keep all my cards... It's actually fun making these, and quick! Worth a try if you got left over fabrics, as you don't need much.

Sweet home sweet... Sverige, was so nice to be home, we really had a wonderful time, really relaxing and so nice to see friends and family. The weather was good, the air clean, water cold, fantastic food. Was hard leaving...

Another shot from Paris, one of my favourites from the trip... it's moody.

I met my wife's best friends ma in Sweden for the second time, we connected on a different level... Marta is one of a kind, a very special and dear person to myself. Thank you for opening my eyes, they truly are wide open once again.
The life jacket protects me and makes me feel totally safe again... I am ready.
"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"