Always remember to look after your inner monster... it can be quite crucial.

I made this little notebook in white leather. Haven't started using it yet...

My first ever sourdough bread!! Well second if you count the first disaster, but we don't like to talk about that. It pretty much took the a whole weekend and at one stage I was actually holding the bowl trying to make it prove more through love. Freak.
I love bread. I love the smell, the enjoyment of eating something you made yourself, the hard work that goes into making it and the pure aesthetics of a crusty bread loaf!
I've got very nice memories baking with my grandmother and my mother. Especially in the baking-house back home (communally shared in the village). Ah, just thinking of the lovely smells makes me smile. Home made bread makes me happy.

A light bulb moment, well a dim and distant glow moment in my case...

When it rains in the UK, which is pretty often and I can't stomach the thought of riding to work in the rain I get the train. I need a bike to use to and from the station because it's about a twenty minute walk to work and walking is for fools, or for Sunday strolls with the missus. Above is my wonderful apple green Brompton which I used to use on days when it is pissing down, but it cost a fair bit of wonga and we could do with the cash in hand. So I have just sold it because I was given an old road bike by a former colleague Tom, great chap and very kind of him (cheers T).

The bike was trashed though, it needed both wheels replaced and the gears were all f'ed up too, man the steed was in a state. With some lovin care and help from the guys in head office workshop she is up and running again, and all for the price of sweet nothin. We did some tweaking and replaced the bars with flat ones and cut them nice and short too, fitted a single front brake, put some flat pedals on and converted it to a singlespeed with an easy gear ratio of 39/16 for my tired old legs. Ey, she rides smooth...

Below is my brand new, second hand bike and a beautiful rat in my eyes.

Aahhh!!! My Spring Monster print got selected in the BonBon Kakku competition!! Thank you so much everybody that vote for me! I'm so excited, can't wait to get the print. Not sure what to do with it yet... Curtain is the obvious one, or I was thinking maybe a cape to run up and down the street with... We like spring.

Finished this logo for my good friends site a couple of days ago, Catherine was stoked and so was I with the results. She is an avid photographer and doing a great job by the look of it. Click on the logo to see what she's up to, BOOM!

One of my best friends Dara is an amazing fashion designer. She has bravely taken the steps to set up her own business. You can find her beautiful designs at Her clothes are extremely well made, flattering and comfortable. Above pictures are taken from her website. ♥ Buy less. Buy well ♥

Me wearing one of Dara's designs. I ♥ this top! Please also check out her blog.

I made two bags out of some leftover fabrics. The buttons are vintage, made out of metal. I ♥ old buttons...

RideIt! for spring 2010 is the latest catalogue I put together for Evans Cycles. The catalogue itself has evolved into what is now a magalogue with a mix of both product and magazine style features - we are able to offer buying advice, guidance and tell more of a story which hopefully allows us to engage with our customers a bit more.
We all know the web is where it's at with regard to retail, so with this new look and feel we hope to do something more than just advertise product and let the website handle the plethora of product we have to offer.
One of the most enjoyable parts of producing the magalogue is seeing the rough pages come to life when the imagery is dropped into place - having the vision is one thing but without a great photographer being able to see that with you, you definitely won't be getting the results you are after. Thanks to Geoff Waugh the shots came out perfect. The commuting section was shot in London near the Borough Market and London Bridge whereas the road and mountain sections were both shot in the South of Spain (we would never have been able to fake spring here in the UK at the time of the shoot, man it’s been a shite winter).

Easter weekend away with cousin Pat and girlfriend Mezza.
Great company and great food from Pat's special 8 hour on the hob potjie to a wickedly marinated braai... and the cows up in Stoke are really soft too, well Photoshop thinks so.