Loeries 2013 Finalist

View the work here.

Free template for felt slippers

As 50% of our household is occupied by a crazy Swede, and this Swede insists on enforcing a 'no shoes in the house' rule - it's only fair that some welcoming slippers are made for guests. Using Martha Stewarts template, we are busy making some grey and yellow felt slippers.

DIY office table - done!

Having worked off the kitchen table for the last 6 months, it was time to upgrade. We wanted a modern looking table with a difference, and at an affordable price... Well... turns out that our taste is somewhat expensive... So we simply had to get our 'hands dirty' and make our own - plus it's a one of a kind K&i design, and there's nothing wrong about being unique is there?

We opted for a 32mm MDF board, it is super heavy so all those push-ups we've been doing really helped when we needed to carry it inside. We added two small holes for the computer cables to go through and neatly attached the extension cable underneath to minimise all those 'irritating-cables-on-the-floor' thing. The top was painted with 4 coats of Velvaglo with a light sand between each coat, and the steel legs expertly made by local blacksmith John. We are very happy with the outcome.


This years South African Innovation Summit was a hit attracting more visitors than ever before.

Above is page 83 from the Spark Book, a book dedicated to making the reader question, observe differently, educate and above all inspire creativity.

More of the thinking behind the Spark Book to follow, but for now we'll leave you with this beautiful quote by Roald Dahl in hope that it encourages your inner child to make an appearance every now and then.

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

Open Design Cape Town

We briefly popped in to check out this years Open Design event, especially interesting was the Madiba posters. We will be sure to put it in the diary for next year.

Gibs iLab

The Gibs iLab is a new space designed around the five senses, it is there to challenge mindsets and thinking styles. K&i was approached to create the logo and infographic wall artworks for this new space, along with an icon for each of the five rooms. More pics of the logo and infographics on our website.

Africa Illustrated on Design Indaba

Design Indaba so kindly featured our latest work for African Impact featuring brochures created for both Tuli Wilderness Camp and Encounter Mara. Thanks guys!

Editorial Design Served!

Whoop whoop!! We've been served (again we must add)! It's a real honour for us to be served on behance. With all the talent around the world, they picked us. We were served for our editorial design we did for the SA Innovation Summit last year, the Black book and Note book. This years summit is currently in full swing, we will reveal this years book in the next few weeks. Stay tuned