Laser Engraving

The Slovakian gets his sausage boxes laser engraved - chop chop… Cheers for the pic Cobus.

Encounters Festival - Final Weekend

If you haven't been yet, go! Ends this Sunday 24th June. It was fantastic to work with the team, huge props to all of them for a brilliant event.

Two minute drawing

Encounters - SA International Documentary Festival Artwork

We recently put together the printed material for this years Encounters - SA International documentary festival. We had a blast, great people to work with and open to suggestion.

We designed the programme cover, light box posters for Nu-Metro cinema's, skinny half A1 window posters, ads for the Sunday Times and the street pole posters too. There's loads of interesting films in this years line-up with more than 4 hands worth of fingers being SA. Local is lekker, go and support. Encounters, 7 - 24 June, Jozi's and Cape Town.

PS had to put up one of the initial concepts, Bauhaus meets Russian Constructivism. Didn't quite cut the grade but a worthy contender nevertheless...

The Slovakian - Renaissance Charcuterie Moncek

We love artisan products. And this one is not only a high quality hand-crafted product, it's local (literally 5 minutes down the road from us) and it's meat!!

We met Marian not too long ago, at the Friday Market, had the pleasure in sampling some of his meat (view previous blog post here) and have since been working with Marian to revamp his branding, logo, swing tags, labels  and a single page website.

The Slovakian will be at the Shiraz & Charcuterie festival in Stellenbosch this weekend where you can taste their sausages, would definitely recommend a visit.

Status Magazine - Interview

Characterized by a meticulous, handcrafted style, the two use their physical environment to enhance their everyday projects.

“I think the excessively digital world we now live in makes us long for a realness and a tactility that you can’t get virtually,” says Ida. “It’s like play time – never lose that inner child,” exclaims Karl. “We attract and engage the viewer through more expressionistic design. We believe that merging traditional graphic design with a more hands-on fine art approach allows us to create more innovative work.”

They whistle a happy tune, and they share what they know and love with the people they meet. Especially after getting to know them, they are precisely our cup of tea.