Design Indaba 2012 - Emerging Creatives

For you who didn't make it to Design Indaba, this is what our stand looked like. Pretty much everything cut out of paper (even the text in the potjie pot). The logs carved by Godfrey, and painted white about 8 times by us (people thought it was plastic...). On the side walls, featured work for clients such as: Out In Africa, Wawa, Greenpop, Letterpress, From the Heart cookbook, and the Innovation Summit.

Was an amazing experience, met some fantastic people. Was tiring and uplifting at the same time.

We gave out these 'Mini Take-Away Menus' at the Design Indaba. Handmade, with a paper knife and fork glued to the front. We made a limited edition of 50 (felt like a lot when we were cutting...).
Some of the mess that was before/during...

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