Pay it forward - WaWa wooden surfboards

So our neighbour Andrew shapes wooden surfboards, they're beautifully handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. He makes a whole range - namely the Alaia, Paipo (Belly Board), Hollow Board and the Handgun. WaWa is another one of those brands that we totally believe in, anyone passionate about the environment will agree.

When he approached us to have a look at the logo ideas they had come up with, we kindly obliged as any good graphic designing neighbour would. A few beer meetings and a late night design session later, the birth of the logo had finally arrived. It's simple, iconic and easy to brand the boards with. Note the texture on the logo, unlike some we always choose to go for the handmade approach - the texture was created from designing, then printing several logo's out and using sandpaper until we had achieved the desired effect.

Now back to the title of the post… happily looking at the logo gratis has allowed us the opportunity to further work with Andrew and his brilliantly minded business partner Cobus. We'll be designing the swing tags with product description info for the various product range as well as a collectable poster in the very near future.

And a very big plus is that they will be at the Blue Bird Garage market this Friday/tomorrow in Muizenberg. They'll have a good selection of their boards on display and ready to take your custom orders. Be sure to swing by, you won't be disappointed!

Greenbox - your urban salad garden

Last week we put together a logo for a new company that delivers and assembles awesome grow boxes. The box comes complete with soil, compost and a good combination of salads and edible flowers. We spend a lot of time in the garden potting around ourselves, so it was a pleasure to design the logo for such a great business venture.

Below is a selection of our proposed ideas and the final tweaks made to the selected logo.

Silvermine - good times

A few of us went for a beer, meat and sun session at Silvermine Nature Reserve yesterday - 'K' adds another wrinkle to his now thirty-one year old face.

Monday Morning Monster

Baby summer dress + pants

Many of our friends are having babies and as we love to make things, we took the opportunity to make some baby clothes (or Ida did)... The original pants and dress patterns can be downloaded for free from Made by RAE.

Svensk Mat - Swedish food

The Swedish foods to long for... Like salty liquorice, sour milk yoghurt, reindeer meat, fermented baltic herring, lingonberry jam, Salmon trout, new potatoes and herring, rye cracker bread, black pudding, household cheese and yellow pea soup... Or some where the name is just right, like 'Mellan Mjölk' the Swedish 'in between' milk.

The whales are here!

Every year, around the same time, these amazing creatures, the Southern Right whales, migrate from Antarctica into the coastal waters of the Western Cape to calve and nurse their young.
Having only spent 7 months here in Cape Town, this to us, is a fantastic show to watch. We saw two whales playing only 150m out, near Kalk Bay. There were quite a few people standing watching, and even cars stopping, so maybe this amazement never wears off, how ever long you live here.

More, is more!

Gareth from Casa Labia called us up on Wednesday looking for a poster design to go up at the Blue Bird Garage Friday Market - this Friday - TODAY! They have a range of cool shizzel happening over the next few months and want people to know about it. Personally, we're super keen on the movie nights, but there's something for everyone.

Several conversations to various printers and a very late Wednesday evening later, we had the printed artwork delivered to them this morning. It's a fun and approachable poster relying purely on typography and illustration to deliver the message. We printed A2 and A3's to go up inside the market and A4's to be placed on the tables. They'll be up all weekend long as the market is hosting a 'Barrel & Brew' beer & wine festival over Saturday and Sunday.

We'll definitely be doing some beer tasting this weekend, come and join us.

The Black Book

Full version of The Black Book on issuu and more pictures on our website.

Polly Alakija's Visual CV

Such amazing art, such an amazing person. Visual CV we created for Polly Alakija. Full version on issuu and more pictures on our website.

A pigeon dances to the beat - video

A short video we put together a few years back in the UK, those English pigeons do know how to step to the beat.