Paper cut-out letters

Two fingers on the right hand are so sore now that turning a key or holding a cup a coffee is slightly painful.... These letters are going to be part of one of the walls at our Design Indaba stand. We have been cutting out a lot, can't wait to see it all come together.

Paper giveaway bags

Only one more day until we are rigging at Design Indaba, and still so much to do... These are the bags we're using for our giveaways.

Monday Morning Monster

Handmade tree trunk stools

We are making stools out of tree trunks, each one with the K&i logo engraved on top. Godfrey, a local and very talented wood sculpture artist has been helping us out. The plan is to use these at Design Indaba to hold our work. We're busy painting them white at the moment.

Freshly baked

Tried a new recipe called Tebröd (Swedish for Tea Bread), from a book mum gave me, called 'baka bröd'. I have this (sometimes irritating) habit of always wanting to try baking something new, so haven't really perfected any of them... We've eaten lots of 'interesting' breads, however this one turned out really well, luckily enough!

It's a bun made for teatime, but also worked really well for breakfast and lunchtime  (yes, this is what we've been eating all day). It has (suppose to have) creme fraiche (I used youghurt), oats, linseeds, milk, sirup and both yeast and baking powder. Loveliness in a bun.

Paper cut outs for Out In Africa

We love it when we get to build things, it is so much more exciting for us making something in real life, then just on screen. That's why we are truly in our element working with Out In Africa, creating the marketing material for their 19th gay and lesbian film festival. It is going to be a paper cut out fanfare. Here are some of the 'making of' pics, lots of cutting out...