Eye kandi by core77

"Flotspotting: Eye kandi from K&i Design Studio" is a lovely write up about us by core77, sister company to Coroflot. It's brilliant seeing these write ups  - especially when we don't even know about them, it's like finding 10 bucks in your back pocket that you never knew was there.

Read below to see what they have to say or visit their site to view with some pics.

"Seeing as our sister site Coroflot hosts portfolios from the world over, It's always interesting to see where members hail from. Karl Mynhardt is a perfect example: he's one half of Cape Town, South Africa's K&i Design Studio, which he and his wife Ida (hence "K" and "I") launched last year. They've since won a Design Indaba Emerging Creative award alongside a growing list of local clients, as well as campaigns for international brands.

The photography highlights the tactile qualities of Mynhardt's work, as in the art direction for Wawa Wooden Surfboards and the Open publication, which won a Sappi Think Ahead Award.

It also doesn't hurt that many of their clients and independent projects are related to food.

In keeping with the construction-paper-cutout aesthetic of their art direction for the "Out in Africa" Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, this teaser video is charming but perhaps a bit frivolous."

'Frivolous' ? Gotta love their honesty - we do! Thanks for the wonderful words core77.

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