Design Indaba - Perfectly Imperfect

Almost like a dream come true… I recall it being 2002 when Design Indaba ran a workshop at then the 'Art and Design Faculty of PE Technikon' by Lucille Tenazas (google the name if you don't know it - but you should! she's amazing). From the first day of the workshop it got me dreaming, my dream was to be associated with Design Indaba in any way whatsoever - I didn't even care if I only made it to 'tea boy'. Well I did a little bit better - way better in fact with the help from my precious and talented business partner and wife Ida.

"Forty young designers, five days of pure inspiration, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

We earned our National Design Colours as 2012 Design Indaba Emerging Creatives. And had a fantastic article/interview written about us, it's left us all warm and fuzzy like inside. Read our story here and be sure to enter for 2013 to claim your title too.

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