Before and After - the veg patch

Remember what this space used to look like? See post below for a reminder.

Welcome to the 'After' vegetable patch. We've been grafting really hard of late with very little weekend time. So, to maximise on our time, we planted a few vegetables from seed; radish, swiss chard and beans, but majority of them from seedlings. We planted broccoli, rocket, coriander, onions, and celery. It feels like cheating but at the same time gives instant gratification as half the bed appears to be looking beautiful after an hours planting. We also put down our herbs from the bathroom and re-potted some too.

The veggie patch is also going to be full of vital nutrients for the vegetables. After the trenching, the decomposed matter, cardboard, paper, plant cuttings… we put manure, kelp, wood shavings, compost, a sprinkling of bought nutrients and finally a good layer of topsoil which we mixed in. Note the difference in colour of the soil around the veg patch, that's what we had to start with.

It was such beautiful weather on the weekend, so after our planting session we decided to end the day with a fire and a lovely bottle of red wine. Oh ja, the rocks that make up the fire place came out of the ground too.

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Straat-Toe said...

Looking good, looking good. We've been busy ourselves with a little patch.Next to the herb bath. We should compare notes. All seeds though.