The Big Dig - Saturday 18/06/2011

1 X Jackhammer, 1 X Angle Grinder, 1 X Pick, 1 X Garden Fork, 2 X Spades, 1 X Metal Mallet, 1 X Chisel, 1 X Wheelbarrow, 3 X Buckets, 1 X Skip, 6 X Humans (2 Ladies & 4 Gents).

Who on earth thinks that concrete is more attractive than plants hey?

Half a metre deep 'L' shaped trench with a layer of cardboard, followed by plant cuttings and a full bin of decomposed food matter. We put a light layer of soil over this and later in the week we'll put a layer of horse dung down followed by another layer of soil and then a final layer of topsoil. Once the layering is complete we'll be ready to plant our veggies… the veggie story to be continued another day.

A beautiful sunset over Muizenberg mountains to end off the day.


Straat-Toe said...

you can't skate plants....

K and i said...

True that, but you still need to grow veg to keep yourself fighting fit to kick flip.