Ahhhh.... Sweet Swedish buns, Kanel bullar. They are so good. Worth a try.
Here's the recipe, makes about 35:

2tsp dry yeast
150g butter, melted
2.5dl milk
2.5dl water
2 eggs
1.5dl sugar
1tbs cardamom
0.5tsp salt
13dl flour (keep some for kneading)

For the filling:
150g butter
1dl sugar
1tbs cinnamon

1 egg for brushing and 'pearl sugar' for garnish or dust with icing sugar (as picture)

Mix all dry ingredients. Add all wet ingredients. mix and work the dough until it's firm and elastic. Leave to prove for about 40min.
Leave your butter for the filling out in room temp so it is easy to spread.
Roll out your dough to a rough size of 60*30cm
Spread your butter and dust with the sugar and cinnamon.
Roll it up then divide into pieces. Put into individual paper cases.
Leave to rise for about 30min.
Heat your oven to 250 degrees.
Brush your buns with the egg, bake for 8-10min, then garnish with the sugar. Enjoy!
(recipe from alltommat.se)

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