RideIt! for spring 2010 is the latest catalogue I put together for Evans Cycles. The catalogue itself has evolved into what is now a magalogue with a mix of both product and magazine style features - we are able to offer buying advice, guidance and tell more of a story which hopefully allows us to engage with our customers a bit more.
We all know the web is where it's at with regard to retail, so with this new look and feel we hope to do something more than just advertise product and let the website handle the plethora of product we have to offer.
One of the most enjoyable parts of producing the magalogue is seeing the rough pages come to life when the imagery is dropped into place - having the vision is one thing but without a great photographer being able to see that with you, you definitely won't be getting the results you are after. Thanks to Geoff Waugh the shots came out perfect. The commuting section was shot in London near the Borough Market and London Bridge whereas the road and mountain sections were both shot in the South of Spain (we would never have been able to fake spring here in the UK at the time of the shoot, man it’s been a shite winter).

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