DIY Fold out sofa bed

So, your parents are coming for Christmas and you don't have a guest bed...and you also don't want one as it takes up too much space. What do you do? Well, first thought might be that they can sleep on the couch? (ooh that's a bit harsh!) And it might not be such a fair deal if you have a DIY pallet couch for them to rest their weary bones on...

So we thought why not make a fold out sofa bed?! We bought some foam, stitched some fabric together, eventually managed to get the foam inside the fabric (not as easy as it might sound, so don't give up!), made some cushions and there you are, our very own super simple DIY fold out sofa bed! (as so kindly modeled by Guinness below)

This is what we used:

Foam size: 137 x 15cm (x 3 pieces)

Fabric pieces: 160 x 138,5cm (x 3 pieces) and 66,5 x 16,5cm (x 6 pieces for the side walls)

Here's how we did it:


Dara said...

You make it look so easy! Gorgeous result.

krikrim said...


Fan said...

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