SAIS 2013 - Part 1

Once again we had the mind-blowing task of creating the 2013 SA Innovation Summit handbook. When creating the handbook the organisers asked us to combine the speaker’s info with a "stimulating" notebook section.

As per previous summits our objectives remained the same; create an innovative, engaging, interactive, and practical handbook for the summit. A handbook that the delegates and visitors would cherish, a book that would nurture new idea thinking, stimulate imagination, encourage exploration, experimentation, and to leave opportunities open for discovery.

Although our objectives remained the same, the concepts we came up with to convey the underlying message was taken to the next level. In stages we’ll show you how we created both a serious yet fun handbook for the event. Today we will look at the front cover which consists of a die cut and gate fold combining hand illustration, fun iconography and encourages exploration.

This years theme was "Innovation goes viral, catch it for growth!'.

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