DIY office table - done!

Having worked off the kitchen table for the last 6 months, it was time to upgrade. We wanted a modern looking table with a difference, and at an affordable price... Well... turns out that our taste is somewhat expensive... So we simply had to get our 'hands dirty' and make our own - plus it's a one of a kind K&i design, and there's nothing wrong about being unique is there?

We opted for a 32mm MDF board, it is super heavy so all those push-ups we've been doing really helped when we needed to carry it inside. We added two small holes for the computer cables to go through and neatly attached the extension cable underneath to minimise all those 'irritating-cables-on-the-floor' thing. The top was painted with 4 coats of Velvaglo with a light sand between each coat, and the steel legs expertly made by local blacksmith John. We are very happy with the outcome.

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jacques strauss said...

nice one! Cant wait to see the other new addition in there.