DIY Pallet table

This is super simple to do, and even easier if you don’t have a puppy.

Ingredients: X2 pallets, X1 sheet of 60 grit sandpaper, X1 sheet of 100 grit
sandpaper, X1 dustpan brush, X4 caster wheels, X16 self tapping wood screws, screwdriver to match the head and optional extra’s would be paint/stainer and brush/roller.

Start by sanding down any rough edges and remove splintered ends using the 60 grit sandpaper. It’s not necessary but you can smooth the wood surface even further by using the 100 grit sandpaper after the 60.

With one hand brush the dust, dirt and any loose bits off while fending off the pup with the other hand. It’s probably the trickiest part of the whole job to be honest.

Give the pallets a lick of paint, as much or as little as you like, go safe or be
experimental, make a mess and play like you are a child again. Or you can skip this part and move on if you prefer the raw look.

Carefully measure equidistant sides around the caster wheel - you don’t want to bugger this step up so take your time when measuring like we did...

Get one screw in, and then do the opposite side. Followed by screw three and then four. Continue to fit the remaining wheels.

With all four wheels in place flip and roll your new beauty into your favourite
happy spot.

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