Freshly baked

Tried a new recipe called Tebröd (Swedish for Tea Bread), from a book mum gave me, called 'baka bröd'. I have this (sometimes irritating) habit of always wanting to try baking something new, so haven't really perfected any of them... We've eaten lots of 'interesting' breads, however this one turned out really well, luckily enough!

It's a bun made for teatime, but also worked really well for breakfast and lunchtime  (yes, this is what we've been eating all day). It has (suppose to have) creme fraiche (I used youghurt), oats, linseeds, milk, sirup and both yeast and baking powder. Loveliness in a bun.


Diana Olafsdottir said...

I'll have to give it a go. Looks amazing! Big hug to you both x

K and i said...

Worth a try definitely, hug to you too!!