Greenpop - Trees For Zambia

You know we love gardening, the great outdoors and of course right up there on our list is taking care of our planet. So, we're very excited that we've been working for Greenpop designing their marketing material for their Trees For Zambia project happening next year in Livingstone.

We had a rad time putting the various bits together for the most awesome green team you will ever meet. A fair bit of illustrated type as well as some handmade text out of soil injects a touch of difference, or realness should we say. So far we've put together: 3 posters to encourage students from all over the world to join and volunteer. A brochure and a small square tag to be left around hotels in Zambia. A tree-ring card where the donator of a tree gets his/her GPS co-ordinates of their donated tree. A banner that went up at last weekends Green Expo here in Cape Town and soon to go up at COP17. We also had the pleasure of designing the Trees For Zambia logo and various elements to be used in social media.

We look forward to building on what's already a great relationship… Do your bit and gift a tree, it's a super good thing to do. Find out more about the Trees For Zambia Project and Greenpop on their website.

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Straat-Toe said...

I can "dig"it, it came out pretty cool. Good stuff guys.