More, is more!

Gareth from Casa Labia called us up on Wednesday looking for a poster design to go up at the Blue Bird Garage Friday Market - this Friday - TODAY! They have a range of cool shizzel happening over the next few months and want people to know about it. Personally, we're super keen on the movie nights, but there's something for everyone.

Several conversations to various printers and a very late Wednesday evening later, we had the printed artwork delivered to them this morning. It's a fun and approachable poster relying purely on typography and illustration to deliver the message. We printed A2 and A3's to go up inside the market and A4's to be placed on the tables. They'll be up all weekend long as the market is hosting a 'Barrel & Brew' beer & wine festival over Saturday and Sunday.

We'll definitely be doing some beer tasting this weekend, come and join us.

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