Beach sunrise

After seven years abroad, great jobs, and a good network of professionals and friends the time had come - Africa was calling.

When we made the decision to leave the UK and head back to the dark continent to set up our own company my tummy turned for weeks on end. I'm not going to lie to you -  as much as we were excited, we were also incredibly nervous. The nerves haven't subsided just yet but every now and then, like this morning, I get a really good feeling inside and it lets me know that everything will be just fine.

Being able to go for an early morning walk, watch the sunrise over Muizenberg beach while holding my business partner, wife and best friend's hand, reassures me that we've done the right thing…

Wipe that little well from under your eye Karl and stop worrying so much - embrace every moment and get back to work (you need to put food on the table).

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