Take a hike - Enchanted forests

South Africa is totally amazing, if you dig the great outdoors that is.

We set off from home in Muizenberg on our two best feet and joined a gentle path from St James that heads up and over the mountain on Saturday. The path takes you along beautiful fynbos which leads to Spes Bona forest - indigenous trees flourish with amazing greenery everywhere. It's definitely something comparable to 'Lord of the Rings' and quite good for smaller people like us hobbits as there's a fair bit of crouching/ducking to be done with all the overhanging trees. Exiting the forest takes you on path which forks a little later, we followed the path to the top of the mountain where we found an awesome natural amphitheatre. We continued our walk which takes you down towards Kalk Bay via another forest - Kroon se Bos, also called the Amazon Forest.

From the bottom of Kroon se Bos you get a good view of Kalk Bay harbour, at first sight of the harbour memories of crispy fresh fish and chips came flooding back. With salivating mouths and Kalkys fish and chips being the the only thing we could now think of, we made a speedy descent and exited onto Boyes Drive at Kalk Bay. It was a great walk, highly recommended and the fish and chips stop afterwards…

Check out our tumblr account for some more pics of lichen and beautiful fynbos.