How to make a documentary film festival poster

Think, a lot, think even more, narrow down the concepts to 3 and pic the craziest one of the lot. Be experimental!

Take lots of random shots for the blog. Drink some wine.

Take the camera off the tripod and forget to adjust the shutter setting.

Take a picture of a picture.

Choose your best shots.

Rework the best one in photoshop to the desired effect, I call this effect 'old school'.

Import the image into InDesign, mirror the festival details on the right-hand side of the image in a contemporary typographical style for juxtaposition and ease of legibility.

Design 2 more options for fun, because you enjoy it so much. Enter your submissions and wait patiently for the reply. Find out that you were…

Option 1: Successful, jump for joy while screaming like a little girl, prepare yourself for the hard graft over the next couple of weeks to get the remaining designs/elements together.

Option 2: Unsuccessful, do something opposite to jumping for joy while screaming like a little girl, pull yourself towards yourself and get back to work looking for work.

We'll find out which option it is tomorrow, I'll update this post when we've heard and let you know. In the meantime, keep those fingers crossed.

Best practice to keep y'all informed when I say I will, whoever it may be, even if it's just Ida's ma out in Sweden (miss you). Peeps, I know I wrote I would let you know, but we're still waiting ourselves... so hopefully I'll have the option down for you tomorrow!

...and the option is sadly number 2. Onwards and upwards we say!

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