Our portfolio - a short story

We wrote a while back when we uploaded our digital portfolio; it's a very condensed version of the printed one… for all those 'working to get work' emails. But the printed version is something quite different and special, as we do love printed material.

It's A3 and landscape in format; printed on Opale Pure White 150gsm paper that is super smooth to touch. It comes from France and best of all is that the entire Opale range is environmentally friendly.

Now, now let's not get too carried away on the paper though, we've also have to mention the book that the pages sit in. It's a 4-screw post book, just a tad bigger than A3 format to allow the pages to sit nice and comfy within. The book is covered in grey Wibalin on the exterior and white on the interior. It was hand crafted by a superb bookbinder by the name of Peter, what a gent and a true perfectionist. We like those kinda people; he takes his job seriously and with 30 years behind him, surely knows his trade. The portfolio also bears our company logo neatly debossed in the centre of the book. I'll explain this part with the accompanying images below.

First things first, send artwork (in vector format) off to the plate guys; they kindly make up a negative, for a small fee of course.

Then these clever chaps make a raised plate out of aluminium, which should comfortably last for 10 years or so.

The press!

The plate fixed to the press.

Testing… we had asked Peter for a white foil but after a few test runs with white, silver, and a combination of both we ditched the idea completely.

Instead, we decided for a more subtle approach and went with a blind deboss. We're super stoked with the results. Give us a shout and we would be glad to show you.


Straat-Toe said...

The PRESS! That's rad.

K and i said...

Wish we had our own press. One day.