What a day, and what a pleasure… Spirits were high and the kids had a blast, both in the water and on the beach cleaning up.

Tash cooked up a frenzy on the mic as all gathered to hear who had won the surf contest. Prizes were given away, food supplied for all the hungry mouths and of course water and energy drinks flowed too. We all did our part to clean up the beach too, Karl even found a little model of Tigger from the cartoon Winnie the pooh. Ida helped 'up-cycle' some of the trash into cool little shakers for the kids who had the pleasure of listening to some sweet tunes by Roland Albertson (plus family on the drums) and a set by DJ Just Be…? Overall it was an amazing day, great camaraderie and a joy to be doing our bit. Shoh, and did that beer go down well afterwards!

Well done to Pat for organising the event and to all the sponsors too. Not to forget the guys who put together the good tunes and everybody else who collected the kids, scored the contest, got the word out there, cleaned the beach, then cleaned again… you are all champions.


Roland said...

Was a cool day indeed! :) Nice and clean!

Dara said...

Great photos - makes me wish I could have been there too! Great job guys.

K and i said...

Was an awesome day, looking forward to the next one.