Good people, we need your votes!

We’ve just entered a comp for Out in Africa’s 18th film festival and if we win it we get to produce all print and web related material for this year’s events.

We hope our work speaks for itself but it would be rude of us not to introduce our mates that made this possible. Please meet our mixed group of film going friends. Their names from top left are O, u, t, i, N, A, f, r, I, C and a, and they love to spend time out in Africa as well as being proud of their individuality.

Make us happy by voting for our program cover design here.

Our entry is about two thirds of the way down, named 'BEACH 31'. Click on the image then scroll to the bottom to place your vote! No need to register, so no worries about spam.

Make us even happier by spreading the news to as many people you know. Hopefully they’ll enjoy the work and vote for us too!

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