A company logo... is easy to produce when it's not your own! We always knew what we wanted the business name to be but hadn't given the logo much serious thought before landing. We read (looked at) magazines and books for inspiration, we wrote, we drew, we trawled the internet for ideas and then we decided to go for a walk on the beach. We worked on the design of it the following day and when we got to a happy place we printed a few out and went onto something else, I can't remember what that was but it may very well be the veg garden we are making for the folks... another picture story to be told.

After leaving the logo to stew in our minds for a few days while stuck up around the house we noted little things we wanted to change. When we noted something we thought would work better we took them down and drew on them. We then sat down in front of the macs again and started tweaking... spot the difference, subtle but very necessary amends in our opinion.

We're stoked, we think it has the right amount of 'Karl' and 'Ida' in there, approachable while professional at the same time, bold yet sensitive too.

Hey, we think it's so cool we started putting it everywhere and below is just the start!


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